The mission of Anti-Communist Action is simple, we are decentralized organization that emerged as a result of violent leftists seeking to deny lawful citizens their freedom of speech. We have had many successes and have been part of the movement that once and for all affirmed at a federal level the terroristic activities of the leftist/DNC group called Antifa.

Our stance of limitless freedom of expression has made us a target for the regressive left, this is in no way a surprise. We are expecting far more attempts at censorship as the mid-term elections ramp up, the currently leftist establishment has demonstrated that it would rather silence its enemy than prove them wrong, and would rather import votes through immigration loopholes and amnesty than win them in the market of ideas. There is no ethical depth too low for anti-liberty communists and their sympathizers to sink to.

Anti-Communist action has last, but not least, the primary function of exposing the seeds of communism and (((Marxism))), particularly the Frankfurt school. Awakening the public to the deep-seeded subversion that took root in the West several decades ago is a task that all who cherish liberty must undertake. Anti-Communist Action will seek to build a framework through our chapters and micro-chapters and content for all to use. We seek to make the subversion known, and to allow people to come to their own informed opinions on the violent scourge of communism, an ongoing movement that has thus-far claimed well over one-hundred million lives.